Do you have a brilliant idea or great opportunity awaiting?

Start your campaign today! Refer below for a guideline.

Build your campaign

To start building your campaign, either click on a “Start a campaign” button or go to the main menu: How to submit a campaign -> Start a campaign. Then, follow the instructions as laid out on the submission form.

Consider the following while you’re building your campaign:

  • Planning is key in creating a campaign that will compel others to give
  • Be authentic and focus on communicating your why to the community
  • Make use of at least one video with great content, people are much more likely to listen to a video than read a long description
  • Continually ask yourself if you are staying true to your why
Start a campaign

Get feedback

Get feedback from as many people as possible with regards to your campaign itself and what you want to achieve. Ask them to be honest and sincere when they review your idea, dream or ambition you are trying to sell. Criticism should be seen as stepping stones to the perfect campaign. 

It is important that your campaign content looks professional without spelling errors. Ask someone to proofread it before you launch. Get feedback on the overall presentation of your campaign.  

Start a campaign

Launch it to the world!

Once you are satisfied with the content of your campaign, launch it for the world to see! This can be done by clicking on the “Submit Campaign” button from the campaign submission form.

The FundrBee team will review all campaigns before they go live. This is to prevent unwanted content from displaying on the FundrBee platform.

Once launched, put in effort from your side to send a link of your campaign to as many people as possible. Exposure is key, especially in the initial stages of a campaign. 

Ask family and close friends to give donations and ask them to share your campaign on their social networks as well. This will help your campaign get traction and reach more people. 

Start a campaign

Edit my campaign

To edit the content of your campaign and bring major changes to your campaign’s content or layout, go to Honeypot -> Campaigns -> My Campaigns -> Edit.

Start a campaign

Track funding progress

Track the funding progress of your campaign and keep on putting in effort to reach more and more people.

A graphical update of the funds you have received can be found in your Honeypot -> Dashboard. Frequently visit your Honeypot to track your progress.

Start a campaign

Keep backers in the loop

If your reach any milestones in your campaign, let your backers/funders know about it. They are after all those who made it possible for you!

People want to share in your success and see that you spend their money sensibly and accordingly.

Updates can be given from your Honeypot -> Campaigns -> My Campaigns -> Update.

Start a campaign


A withdrawal from your campaign can be requested when your campaign expires, you need a portion of the funds raised or you reached your funding goal.

Request a withdrawal as follows: Honeypot -> Campaigns -> Withdraw. This will send a withdrawal request to FundrBee where we will personally contact you for your banking detail in order to pay out the amount as requested.  

If it happens that your campaign is not fully successful, don’t just give up! Never stop chasing your dreams!

Start a campaign