1. FundrBee Basics

FundrBee is a social media driven crowdfunding platform that makes use of the power of community and the exposure of social media with the aim to bridge the gap between ambitions and limitations – all on one platform!

FundrBee aims to bring communities together to help provide opportunities for other people. With the power of community and exposure possible with social networks between individuals, any person can benefit from this platform! It also gives everyone the opportunity to be part of another person’s success, no matter how small your contribution. 

FundrBee leverages the potential of social networks. An individual will be more likely to fund a campaign if one of their friends have already done so and people can stand together to help someone succeed in their community. We trust each other’s opinions and we want to become part of a greater cause.

Please email any queries or concerns to info@fundrbee.com. 

2. Creating a Campaign

You are free to create any positively intended campaign as stipulated in our terms and conditions. 

It can be a campaign to raise funds for a big business dream, a dream to see the world, an urgent need to pay medical bills or the dream of a student to go on a tour with their peers. The possibilities are endless!

You will receive all the money raised through your campaign, regardless of the funding goal and how much you raise.

Try to say as much by using as little words as possible.

Promote your cause or campaign by playing on people’s emotions.

Promote yourself! People want to know that you are committed to your campaign or dream and that you posses the qualities to achieve it. Be honest in whatever detail you provide. 

Visuals are very important. You will definitely benefit from a short video and images. It does not have to be a professional or well-edited video or picture. The content and sincerity is what matters.

Remember to regularly give updates on your progress to the people backing your campaign. People want to see that their contributions are well managed and rightly applied.  

Yes, no one will stop you from doing it. Just stay true to yourself and the person you are assisting. 

This is not a problem at all, however, people tend to rather watch a short video than read a full page. 

Remember, it is the content that is important and not the quality or video editing skills. A simple 2-minute video will suffice. 

No, it is all your choice. Be realistic and only ask what you need. 

No, there are no cost involved for creating a campaign.

Currently, there is no limit to it. However, to create urgency it is important to be realistic. Research has shown that 40 days is ideal. 

3. Managing my Campaign

Yes, you can withdraw money as needed.

There will be a transaction delay, but you should receive it within 7 working days at longest. Please let us know if this is not the case. 

You are free to keep your campaign active and live and raise more money than what you anticipated. If you can get more money, why not!

Yes, updates are very important! Your backers want to see that you are a good steward of what you received. 

Small editing changes are allowed after your campaign is live, but do your planning before hand to keep major changes to a minimum. 

4. Donations/Backing a Campaign

No, we are a donation based platform. This means that all money pledged are done without expecting anything in return. 

The minimum donation amount is R10, and the maximum R50 000.

If you want to donate a bigger amount, please contact us at info@fundrbee.com so that we can assist with it.

There are two main fees that apply on our platform: 3.5% transaction fee charged pay PayGate, and 4% charged by FundrBee.

However, the 4% platform fee can be wiped completely! Please refer to our “Our Fees” page to see how this can be done.

Yes, we make use of PayGate which supports debit cards.