What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is where a large number of people each give a small contributions towards a project or venture. A community of people can stand together to help someone chase a dream or an opportunity in life.

What is FundrBee?

FundrBee is a social media driven crowdfunding platform that makes use of the power of community and the exposure of social media with the aim to bridge the gap between ambitions and limitations. It can be a big business dream, a dream to see the world, an urgent need to pay medical bills or the dream of a student to go on a tour with their peers. The possibilities are endless!

The inspiration

We can look at ideas and dreams as flowers on a tree. We have the capacity within us to make these ideas and dreams grow. However, without the pollination of bees, the flowers cannot produce fruits. There are many bees in the world, but if they are not at the right place at the right time, the flowers will die and never be able to produce the fruit that so many people can enjoy. The same applies to our ideas. If they are not “pollinated” with the necessary financial backing, it will go to waste and we will never see the fruits those ideas or dreams could bear. FundrBee provides the platform to bring the “FundrBees”, the people with a financial capacity to give, to the flower-like ideas and ambitions we have. And just as bees collect the nectar from the flowers to make their own honey, the “FundrBees” will get the feeling of satisfaction of helping someone else achieve their dreams and goals. The beauty of it is that we can all be FundrBees, no matter how small our contributions are! One bee will never be able to pollinate all the flowers in a garden, but a swarm of bees all making small contributions can achieve this in no time!

What makes us different?

FundrBee leverages the potential of social networks. An individual will be more likely to fund a campaign if one of their friends have already done so and through this people can stand together to help someone succeed in their community. We trust each other’s opinions and we want to become part of a greater cause. The FundrBee team is working on a feature to become a promoter for campaigns which enhances trustworthiness and groups campaigns together. For example, a school can be the promoter of campaigns launched by their students to finance a sports-tour. This will also help backers to find causes related to a specific institution they would like to support. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our progress towards this.

How you can help us

We also have bigger dreams.

The FundrBee team has dreams of having their crowdfunding platform on a mobile app with an intrinsic social network. However, for us to get to that point, we must first prove ourselves and our concept. We will appreciate it a lot if you can spread the word about FundrBee and so help us to get our concept out to the world.

Meet the FundrBee Team

We are passionate about helping people succeed and reach their goals!

Eugene Scheepers


Ebard Joubert


Erhard Frick

Financial Administrator